Albury Sorting Office

The Parish Council fully supports the current post office and shop at Pratt’s Stores, together with the sorting office, and are working actively for its retention. The Parish Council is not aware of plans to move the post office or sorting office to another site neither is it in the power of the Parish Council to do this.

The Parish Council has not given planning permission for a new shop in Albury.  The Parish Council can comment on planning applications received but it is the Borough Council (Guildford Borough Council) that has the power to approve or refuse planning permission.  Under planning legislation, there would be no need for a new planning application in this instance as a shop already exists at the former fishing shop site.  Albury Estate lease shop premises in the village, not the Parish Council.


The Parish Council is mindful that one of the key findings of the Albury Parish Plan 2016 was that the community wanted a shop in Albury village that could stock a wider range of produce than Pratt Stores, which is limited by its size. 

The Parish Council is therefore supportive of the new shop that will be opening in Albury village soon.  It will enhance the facilities offered to the village and will complement the current shop.  Many small villages have more than one shop which operate successfully.