Road Works & Closures

September 2020 - Temporary Closure of Public Footpath and Bridleways at Winterfold Forest


A temporary closure on Public Bridleway 205 and 205a (Shere), 205 and 205a (Albury) and Public Footpath 197 (Shere) will be made on 18 September 2020 on the grounds of public safety due to filming using heavy machinery across and adjacent to the paths. The closure Order will be in operation from 18 September until 28 September. That period may be extended by the Secretary of State for Transport if necessary. The Closure Order will be preceded by a 5 day Closure Notice effective from 14 September, so paths will be unavailable from that date.  


The prohibition described above will only be operative while the County Council, or an authorised person acting on its behalf, displays traffic signs prohibiting the said movements.


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