Albury Village Hall Hire
2018 Prices

                                                 Parishioners                      Standard Rate                      

                                       (and multiple bookings)

Village Hall                                                              

Weekday 4 hour booking                   £35                                        £39                    

Weekend 4 hour booking                   £42                                       £45

All day rate (8am-6pm)                       £86                                        £95

All day (including evening)                 £118                                     £133



Memorial Hall    


Hourly rate                                            £7                                         £8

Both halls are available for hire between the hours of 07:00 and 23:00 and the charge per hour is the same during these hours. If you wish to discuss hiring outside these hours please contact the Parish Clerk at



  • Standard payment terms are on booking

  • For all existing regular customers payment is due at the end of each month for all usage in that month.