Parish Information

European Electoral Area: South East

Parliamentary Constituency: Mole Valley (MP Sir Paul Beresford)

Electoral division: Shere

Ward: Tillingbourne

Surrey County Councillor: Keith Taylor


Guildford Borough Cllrs: David Wright and Richard Billington

Parish: Albury

Polling District Name: Albury


Other information

Number of properties in the parish: 518

Number of electors in the parish: 1061

Total parish precept for 2018/19 is £44,092.  This amounts to a charge of £70.25 for a band D property and represents a 2% increase on 2017/18.

Parish Council accounts

The Parish Council's Annual Return to the Audit Commission for 2017/18 and 2016/17 can be found on our Transparency page.  Please contact the Clerk for any further information or clarification.

the Notice of Public rights can be viewed here, together with a summary of your rights can be viewed here: