Parish Information

European Electoral Area: South East

Parliamentary Constituency: Mole Valley (MP Sir Paul Beresford)

Electoral division: Shere

Ward: Tillingbourne

Surrey County Councillor: Keith Taylor


Guildford Borough Cllrs: Diana Jones and Richard Billington

Parish: Albury

Polling District Name: Albury


Other information

Number of properties in the parish: 518

Number of electors in the parish: 1061

Total parish precept for 2018/19 is £44,092.  This amounts to a charge of £70.25 for a band D property and represents a 2% increase on 2017/18.

Parish Council accounts

The Parish Council's Annual Return to the Audit Commission can be found on our Transparency page.  Please contact the Clerk for any further information or clarification.

the Notice of Public rights can be viewed here, together with a summary of your rights can be viewed here: