Albury Village Stores food deliveries - Albury Village Stores can deliver a wide range of fresh food produce, drinks delicious ready meals and much more.  To place an order please call Nik on 01483 203727. He aims for a same day delivery service for orders placed by 12 noon. Payment is via credit or debit card over the phone. Delivery is free but there is a m’s inimum order value of £15. Delivery is to the door only to minimise contact.


Albury Post Office will be open as usual for post office transactions and deliveries.  Please contact them directly on 01483 202123 if you need help. 

Farncombe Fresh Foods Wholesale:  fresh, dry, tinned and frozen food and in house butchery.
You can phone an order, and pay by credit/debit card.  See website for details
01483 268020,,
6pm to 12am Sunday-Thursday, Mixed fruit and for £15, also staple supplies – see website

Cathy and the team at the Dabbling Duck are keen to support the elderly and vulnerable of the villages around Albury, and are happy to give FREE homemade soup and lemon drizzle cake to those who fall into this category during these difficult times. They can either deliver or someone who is able can come and collect on their behalf.
In addition, their supply chain is not yet affected, so are selling ‘ food essentials’ from the cafes e.g bread, eggs, pasta, flour, rice, oats. These can also be delivered to those people in need. 
See below the ‘meals at home’ menu which can be frozen. This is in addition to other items on the menu that can be delivered If any one wishes to get in touch with them, please call 01483 205791 or mobile 07970 103560 Cathy runs The Dabbling Duck Coffee shop in Shere and the Pluck Pheasant at Newlands Corner and the Speckledy Hen in Shamley Green.

John Murrays [01403 752859] and Cranleigh Fish [01483 272779] can take orders. - A days notice would be very helpful, we can take an order for meat, deli (cheese  ham, etc) and the fish, we will then put the order though and collate it together. We have just made lots of home made lasagnas and pasty’s too.

All deliveries will be free and order size will be discretionary as we would like to look after everyone. 

We will deliver to the door. Payment can be made over the phone when the delivery has arrived. 

Thank you

Lily (Annalie)

Albury Vineyard has teamed up with Mandira Kitchen to offer a meal of delicious Indian food for two with a bottle of Albury wine. Mandira's authentic curries come frozen for you to heat up at home, so you can enjoy them on the day of your delivery or keep them for a rainy day.

In addition the vineyard is open for social distance appropriate self guided walk.  See their website for more information

The Silent Treatment Hand Sanitiser is made from our supply of high strength alcohol and naturally extracted botanical oils. 

It’s a 70% ABV proof solution.  Obviously not for drinking!

We’re not going to be selling this product - instead we’re offering 50 free hand sanitisers every day at our distillery shop (one per person only*) and all online orders of spirits (50cl or 70cl) will receive one bottle of hand sanitiser*. 

It’s a small gesture of support for our customers and local community. 

Mandira’s kitchen delicious Indian cooking

We are open and fully stocked with deliciousness  - we cooked 3000 meals last week! You can order via our website or by calling 01483 940789 You can come to our shop to visit our fab stockists - adding new ones everyday - Glebe  House Farm being our latest. There are also some lovely offers like Wine and Dine in with our neighbours Albury vineyard - having managed to get some of their sold out Rose!!  We deliver to any UK ( yes any UK mainland) address,  or choose from a no contact click and collect and finally also picking up from us (our neighbours Silent Pool even have some amazing Gin hand sanitiser.)  Where we can - we shall deliver the next day especially if you are self-isolating. So please do keep those orders coming and share our details with friends and family. so that we can keep going and you can enjoy some of our food. 

Norbury Park Farm Cheese